Sunday, July 3, 2011

Setting Apart as a Missionary

Elder Hallstrom of the Seven Presidents of the Seventy set me apart and Elder Cook set David apart. Elder Cook was so sweet he couldn't let us have the phones open so Brandon and Tiffany could hear, but as soon as we were set apart he called and talked to each them personally. Elder cook gave some council to our family that we should follow the brothern and stay away from the fringes. We were appreciative of that council as he had asked us what we wanted to ask him to tell us that would help our family. Elder Hallstrom when he set me a part said, "I bless you that you will have IMMEDIATE PEACE, and that you will love the people IMMEDIATELY. Oh how the Lord knows me. I had been praying that I would not have to wait for months or years to learn to love this land and this people. I had heard from others that it took a long time before they really loved the PHilippino land and people, but after a while they didn't want to leave. I didn't want to have to wait, and the Lord blessed me with the desires of my heart. I should have prayed to have good internet.